What Maintenance Tips You Need to Follow for Velvet Blackout Curtains to Stay Cozy

Velvet blackout curtains are a chic and appealing accessory that can be used in any room, and not only gives it a beautiful look but also serves as a kind of protection. Not only do they make the area look nicer, but they also function as lighting controls and insulators. As much as velvet blackout curtains are durable and comfortable, it’s important to observe the following guidelines in maintaining their coziest state as well as their pristine appearance. Below is a list of some important things that will assist you in managing your velvet curtains effectively.

Do Cleaning of Curtains Daily

Usually used to manufacture curtains, velvet fabric has the little disadvantage of gathering dust and debris, which over time may change the appearance and feel of the curtains. To avoid damaging the fabric, it is advised to employ a very mild circular motion when sweeping the curtain in a downward direction. Additionally, you can visit https://www.thehues.com/blackout-curtains/ to order custom blackout curtains.

Machine Washing

Hand wash the item in cold water to avoid changing the color or size of the cloth. Make sure that when cleaning your silk products, you use a mild detergent that won’t rip the cloth. Additionally, since harsh chemicals like bleach can fade velvet, it’s imperative to avoid using them. It’s advised to gently squeeze out the fabric rather than twisting or wringing it out when cleaning curtains.

Proper Drying

It is important to dry velvet blackout curtains properly to retain softness and avoid the deterioration of the fabric. You should avoid putting your curtains in a dryer because it will be too harsh; instead, you should hang your curtains to air dry. Select a favorable environment that is free from direct sunlight especially in case you are using fabric curtains as they may fade. You can hang the curtains so that they retain their expectant look as well as ensure that they do not develop wrinkles. In case of occurrence of wrinkles, steam or iron on low heat with the help of something like a thin cloth on the fabric.

Professional Cleaning

Otherwise, you may wash the curtains yourself or hire professional cleaning services for more deep cleaning and to ensure a longer wear of the velvet blackout curtains. Professional cleaners possess the tools and skills of cleaning that may require special handling of fabrics and cleaning the fabric to the extent of removing stains. It is recommended to wash or call professional cleaning services at least once a year or as the curtains attract heavy traffic.

Regular Inspection

Wash your velvet blackout curtains frequently, and make sure you check for any form of wear and tear. At this stage, the particular focus will be on the hems, seams, hooks, or rings to determine if there are any signs of wear and tear. It is crucial to note that most of the time, the small problems that seem minor contribute to massive issues if not well dealt with and also help in increasing the durability of the curtains.

Final Thoughts

With the help of these tips on curtain maintenance, you will be able to keep your velvet blackout curtains warm, stylish, and practical for as long as you need. Besides, routine maintenance not only maintains the exterior features of the floors but also extends the life of the curtains which will be an added value to your home.



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